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To select donation amount increase the quantity by increments of $1.00.


If making a contribution that is more then $500 dollars please contact us before doing so for additional payment options. 

Fundraiser Descriptions

Community Outreach Fund

This fund is used to donate regularly to local causes on an as needed basis. The community will vote each month where this money is allocated based on external community needs at that time. It may be used for donating to local organizations such as Looking Glass, White Bird Clinic, Greenhill Humane Society, Burrito Brigade, Breakfast Brigade, Veterans Affairs, or other external community causes. 

E-Community Fund

This fund is used to pay for the website .com and hosting provider. We use a provider that with all add-ons cost us about $40 per month to operate. Then you have about 10-15 hours per month or up to about 150 hours per year in human labor updating and maintaining website. In addition to labor, there is also the cost of maintenance and depreciation of equipment used to operate and maintain website. 


The website is important to our community as we grow and look for more followers and support, especially in this day and age. It also offers the community so much in term of tools to stay connected with each other and the outside community as well as sell out good or teach online classes and so much more. 

Please subscribe below to donate funds to the E-Community Account. 

Shady Rest Camp Fund

2024 Oregon Country Fair Camp Fund for Shady Rest Campground. See Events for more.

General Fund

Also known as the community fund. These funds cover the cost of community events and travel. It may include some of the following: art supplies, camp fees, water and snacks for trips and website upkeep cost. We may ask that members donate to this before an expensive trip if funds in 'community fund' account are too low to cover cost of trip. Feel free to add to this find as much as possible as more possibilities will become available as funds increase. Please subscribe to donate to the community funds or use the paypal link at the bottom of the website. Funds from Community Supporter Subscription goes to this fund. 

Community Center & Property Fund

Help us raise money to purchase our community land and build our community retreat center. 

Monthly Subscriptions

  • E-Community

    Every month
    • This fund covers the cost of operating this website
  • Community Supporter

    Every month
    • This fund goes towards supplies, events, site rentals
  • Member

    Every month
    • Monthly Membership Commitment
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