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A Deeper Dive..

  • Why Peaceful Valley Village?
    Today we're further away from community than ever before in human history. With internet, cell phones, social media and worldwide news at our fingertips it may seem like the opposite. But this digital world was built by outside interest who designed it not for bringing us together, but to drive the very thing that makes up the American Dream – to capitalize, they built this to capitalize on opportunities. Collecting our personal information, selling it to advertisers whose job it to persuade us into a certain way of thinking, or into buying a product or a narrative, all of which benefits the corporation that has paid the advertisers. And of course, they say for the ‘good of the company, its shareholders and employees’, but at what expense to society as a whole? The foundation of our current world has shifted from building strong communities to building strong businesses. This way of living tends to warp our perception of reality turning us is sheep, a herd of consumers chasing dreams made up by the glorification of a consumer-based lifestyle, whether materially like buying fast fashion or mentally by reading ‘click-bait’ news, inherently in all situations blindly funneling money to these companies while living a life of ideals made up by others who look to continue to capitalize off of us. Peaceful Valley Village likes to bring attention to this, reminding ourselves the real importance of our life, which is building a strong and loving community that can outstand time and leaving the world better then we found it.
  • How Can This Make a Better World?
    If we expect a better world, it must begin with each of us individually. Peaceful Valley is committed to creating a road map for the world to follow. Hoping to eventually make a large enough impression that people realize life is what WE collectively make it and if we all focus on being our best selves, that will spread like wildfire throughout our greater community. The goal in life should be becoming your best self, helping others do the same and making a positive contribution to those around you, having that result in a positive effect on your own life - this is the key to it all!
  • How is it Different?
    Today’s society was built around selfish and destructive wasteful capitalism and consumerism, but it’s not all bad. We support police, firemen, our hospitals, schools, farmers markets, etc., it’s just that we think the 'American Dream' is a hell of a nightmare come to find out. It carries with it some heavy burdens such as the rat race that becomes one’s life, the consumerism that amplifies a person’s destructive and wasteful tendencies, the corporate ladder where big business takes home the lion’s share of the profits and where generational wealth is nearly impossible to come by. We at Peaceful Valley Village see this as taking the low hanging fruit of our labor, respectfully. This world we live in currently is one built with the intention of free markets and equality, but in reality all it does is distract humankind from its basic needs and that is food, shelter, friends and family. Everything else just holds us back from being a part of the animal kingdom of Mother Earth. Almost as if most humans think they are greater than it all, ultimately not a part of Earth and rather a destructive temporary guest who can care less about the other inhabitants of this planet utilizing earth’s guts and skin as a source of money and power which some tend to think will somehow manifest itself into happiness. But what is happiness? Is it stuff, is it a big house, a nice car? We at Peaceful Valley think that happiness = contentment on this planet, finding a place and a purpose and living out that purpose, leaving your community and Mother Earth better than before your time. So how are we really different? We aim to bring people together, not find divisive ways to keep them apart. We intend to build a strong community filled with intelligent, loving and caring people who are fair and just. We also will not avoid the reality of the capitalistic society we live in and rather accept the fact the this world you must have money to build a community. We will collectively build strong morally centered businesses that help support our inner community as well as the outer community around us. We will bring the world together not rip it apart - we will not give into political ideology or rhetoric, we will remember what is important at the base, foundational core of our being and will focus on doing good for the basis of our communal survival and integrity, but not all of the worlds problems at once. Again, we must focus on becoming our best selves before we can ask that of others. We must build a strong community before we can expect that from others. We must lead by moral compass, not by popular vote. We must remember, we are an animal in the animal kingdom of mother earth, we must focus on what's close to us and let go of our pride and expectations and just live our own lives the best we can.
  • What Really is Peaceful Valley Village Then?
    Peaceful Valley Village is a collective of people looking to live their best most-healthy and morally grounded lives and be surrounded by those who intend to do the same. Peaceful Valley Village is the soft start to a community that will eventually grow into an intentional community or commune or eco village, for now we will call it the 'Live-In Community' whatever you would like to call it, where community members can gather, grow and live in good health. First, we will find or build a Village Center or Lodge. This location will provide a physical place for our community and not just a place for developing our minds and spirits, but a place to grow our businesses together, welcome family and friends, hold events, lessons, gatherings, retreats and celebrations. The Village Center will ideally offer a library, meditation and yoga spaces, arts and craft rooms, workspaces, office spaces, a small wood and metal shop, a light weights and cardio gym, an outside kid's park, a large meeting hall, a garden, a large dining space and large kitchen, primarily things that offer a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically. The eventual 'Live-In Community' will be a much larger version of this, separated by walking trails and natural features, an organized permaculture focused village, where wildlife and village members can live in harmony while living a productive and fulfilling life.
  • The Long Term Vision
    After the Village Center is built, we will build the member-owned Live-In Village that will be agriculture, craft and arts based and in some ways similar to our Village Center but with housing options for members. We will build community infrastructure and support members, allowing them to create their own craft and business. Our model will work similar to how Amish craft and sale very high-quality furniture. Agriculture will be a top priority, with a major focus on permaculture and traditional fruit and veggie production. We will work together to get our products to market such as farmers market booths, art shows, auctions, craft fairs, etc. Each location will offer classes, stays and retreats for the external community as well as an opportunity for members to teach others using their wisdom and skills. This will allow for additional member revenue as well as for those outside the community to see who we are, providing full transparency of our workings, but most importantly, offering a view into how we make our way of living work, and how it could work for other communities as well.
  • About the Founders
    Peaceful Valley Village was sprung from an idea thought up by DJ Parson and Mason Peckels. In 2016, on the first day of meeting each other they immediately bonded over their dream to start a community and it was within the first 5 minutes that they began discussing their plans for a 'perfect utopian community', agreeing on nearly every aspect of what they had both been dreaming up. Both men brought new and interesting thoughts, ideas and skills to the table. Dustin had been working in all aspects of agriculture, horticulture and permaculture with a background in drafting and design. He started from the bottom and worked his way up. From organic vegetable farming, marketing and selling, from proper irrigation techniques to soil chemistry and R&D, he became a master horticulturalist and agronomist. Mason had a great interest in plants and growing things in general and found Dustin's knowledge on the subject riveting and enlightening. Although both still in their early twenties at the time, Mason was several years younger but had a passion for knowledge, always trying to learn as much as he could. He had been working to become a yoga instructor, researching and eating foods that were natural and healthy, and trying to combine the two practices into something he could teach others, eventually becoming interested in spiritual studies and eastern philosophies while also obtaining his credentials as a certified yoga instructor. Dustin, always inspired by Mason's drive to be his best self, was motivated by this, reigniting his passion for self care and eventually they landed on the idea of starting a wellness retreat center as a great way to start the community. This marked the start of a strong friendship that eventually blossomed over many years. Now best friends, they continue to meet weekly and plan for the eventual gathering of the hearts and minds, trading ideas on philosophy, psychology, sociology and community design, sharing books and helping each other while writing their own text and continuing to develop wisdom and teaching skills.
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