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Mindful Conscience is a Peaceful Valley Publication that is intended as a yearly mindfulness experience to help foster individual growth and understanding of one's ‘coding’. Use these prompts and questions to create beneficial thought and maximize who you are at your core. Become the best version of yourself as well as a role model for your community and those you love. - We are all products of our environment, but what does that mean to each of us individually? Depending on where we grow up, we’re all exposed to a different way of thinking and different cultures and belief systems. Do these things make us our best possible self or is it time to evaluate the person we’ve become and see where we may have room for improvement? Once we establish a better understanding of what makes us who we are fundamentally, good and bad, we can work on becoming the best versions of ourselves, in turn being a positive role model for the world to follow.


Also available on Amazon.

Mindful Conscience: Discovering who you are and who you want to be

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