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What is Peaceful Valley Village?

It's not super easy to describe us, there is no one size fits all description that would capture all that we aspire to be. If we had to describe it, we typically say we're a club or collective of likeminded people, a group of friends really. We get together as often as possible and just hang out and be there for each other. We like to come together over live music, BBQ's, hikes, swimming, potlucks, game nights, and so much more. We eventually plan to collectively build a lodge to host our events as well as offer a place to learn, teach and grow our skills and even our businesses, together. We're wellness and spirituality seekers, dreamers with the aim of living life to its fullest while intentionally trying to be our best selves and supporting each other in the process. 

Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, join us in our mission to be better and do better.  

The Long Term Vision


Future 1-2 years

Future 1-3 years

Future 3-5 years

Future 5-10 years


Build a core group that shares long term vision. Start to advertise group locally and engage with potential members. Build enough people to begin the weekly meetings (see events page) and continue to grow.

Potluck in the Park, a hit! Wisdom Walks, fully booked each trip! Hikes for Health - a fan favorite! Meditation for Salvation, Booked! We hope to have things rolling in this department within first couple years as well as find more ways to meet and interact with the public. 

Build up to a strong community of 10+ members. Continue to build our friendships, businesses and families together while slowly honing in our long terms plans as a community. 

Pool our money and buy or build a Lodge for community entertainment and wellness and start meeting year round for music shows, mini-festivals, gatherings, campouts, classes and more.

Build up to a strong community following of 20+ members. Find and buy/build farmland location with potential for a cottage cluster housing, farming to expand upon our goals and continue to have fun together. 

Continue to build and maintain original members. If continued growth then it is time to expand to new locations.

The Team

Meet the Village Members

20230813_115556 (1).jpg

DJ Parson

Roles: Co-Founder, Farm & Permaculture Team Lead, Events Team Lead, Public Relations Team Lead, Web Design Team Lead

Specialties: Certified Agronomist, Soil Science, Farming, Biogas and Solar, Web Design, Business Management, Graphic Design, 3D CAD Design, Land Development 

Years: Co-Founder

IMG_8827 (1)_edited.jpg

Reagan Parson

Roles: Social Media, Videography and Photography Team Lead, Events Team, Communal Product Sales Team, Farm and Permaculture Team


Specialties: Native Plant and Floral Plant Specialist, Landscape Design

Years: Since 2021

Rain Valley (2)_edited.png

Rylie Johnson

Roles: Events Team, Kitchen Team, Childcare and Child Development Team Lead, Communal Product Sales Team, Arts Music and Entertainment Team


Specialties: Childcare, Organization 

Years: Since 2023

Rain Valley (2)_edited.png

Caden Peckels

Roles: Health and Wellness Team, Community Compassion Team, Build & Infrastructure Team, Events Team

Specialties: Self Defense Trainer (in training), Workout Coach (in training)

Years: Since 2023

Rain Valley (2)_edited.png

Jake Parson

Roles: Kitchen Team, Build & Infrastructure Team, Events Team

Specialties: Organization and Leadership, Equipment Operator, Childcare,

Years: Since 2023

20230813_115556 (1).jpg

Mason Peckels

Roles: Co-Founder, Health and Wellness Team Lead, Education Team Lead, Building & Infrastructure Team Lead, Events Team

Specialties: Certified Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, School Teacher, Spirituality Practitioner, Builder and Craftsman, Plumbing, Gardening, Geology

Years: Co-Founder


Natalea Peckels

Roles: Arts, Music and Entertainment Team Lead, Events Team, Communal Product Sales Team, Health and Wellness Team, Community Compassion Team Lead

Specialties: Skin and Hair Specialist, Art and Beauty, Cooking

Years: Since 2020

Rain Valley (2)_edited.png

Skylar Peckels

Roles: Health and Wellness Team, Education and Classes Team, Community Compassion Team, Events Team

Specialties: Physical Therapy and Message Therapy

Years: Since 2023

Rain Valley (2)_edited.png


Roles: Kitchen Team, Community Compassion Team, Build & Infrastructure Team, Events Team

Specialties: Cooking, Community Compassion, Hype Crew :)

Years: Since 2023

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