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Alsea Falls Hike for Health... A great success!

As we came together on one of the hottest days of the year at Alsea Falls for our first ever Hikes for health I felt truly blessed. I was reminded of how important it is to bring everyone together, experiencing nature, and basking in the positive energy of like-minded people.

Our key members beat the heat by showing up extra early to choose the best spot and set up the food and activities for the day. Right off the bat we found an awesome spot with two tables and a nice flat spot. We were able to set everything up and have some time to enjoy the towering trees and the trickling Alsea river.

Once everyone arrived and settled we had a short introduction and began a revitalizing yoga class led by me. We took that time to check up on our bodies and make the body-mind connection that makes it all too easy to connect with the natural world of ferns, trees, bees, bugs, water and rock that we would see on our Hike for health. After the yoga we all fueled up on water and fruits, veggies and nuts to prepare us for our hike to Green Peak Falls.

A short while later we arrived at the 20 foot tall, moss covered falls. After changing into swim clothes we took some time to enjoy the water, hunt for rocks and minerals and meditate with the help of the beautiful and tranquil sounds of the powerful falls. We then brought out the art supplies and everyone did a painting or drawing of the amazing landscape that surrounded us. Paintbrushes, colored pencils and pens in hand, we all felt the creative energy flowing through us as we expressed ourselves through our artistic lenses, and were all very happy with our masterpieces.

All dried off and ready for another snack, we all packed up and headed back to the Peaceful Valley Hikes for Health picnic site. We took it slow on the way back as temperatures had dramatically increased, but we were all intent to continue this fun and emotionally uplifting day. Once we got back to the site we fuelled up on sandwiches and gourmet cupcakes. After we let the food settle we started off for our second attraction, the 10 foot tall Alsea Falls, which was just a short walk from our site. There we played frisbee, slid down the rock slides and did cannonballs off the bank. Our more artistic members eagerly brought back out the painting supplies and continued their masterpieces.

The heat of the day gone, the water getting cold, we went back to the site and packed up for the evening. Everyone had a great time and felt rejuvenated and happy. We would like to thank the Alsea Falls recreation workers for keeping the site well maintained. We would also like to thank all of our members for showing up and taking the day to take care of their mental and physical health with us. We will be back soon to this awesome location for another awesome Hike for Health.

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